Complaints Procedure

Your opinions, suggestions and complaints matter! It is important to let your chiropractor know if you are satisfied with the treatment and results. However, if you have a different experience, it is equally important to bring your opinion or complaint forward. Don’t hesitate to speak up and express your concerns. Perhaps you feel that you were taken seriously, you were not approached in a friendly manner or that you are dissatisfied with the treatment.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to address and escalate your dissatisfaction if needed.


In conversation with your chiropractor

It is recommended to discuss any issues with your chiropractor first. Many problems can be resolved through mutual agreement. These issues may stem from miscommunication or different expectations. Engaging in dialogue can relieve tension and provide an opportunity to exchange experiences, discuss treatment or approach, and be open with each other. Your complaint will be recorded in the practice and a note will be added to your patient file.


Filing a complaint

If you are unable to resolve a complaint with your chiropractor in person, you may submit a written complaint to the NCA Complaints Officer at (also contactable at 088  024 51 66).. Upon receipt of your complaint, the chiropractor will conduct a thorough investigation and make an effort to reach a resolution. You will be kept informed of the complaint’s progress, and an official response will be provided within six weeks. The chiropractor’s response will clearly state their decision and any actions taken. A copy of this response will be provided to the complaints officer. If the response cannot be provided within six weeks, it may be extended to a maximum of ten weeks with the complainant’s agreement.


Complaints Officer NCA

If you have any grievances related to the services provided by a chiropractor, you can file a complaint with the complaint committee. During or after this process, both you and the chiropractor can seek the help of a complaints officer. The complaints officer will listen to your complaint, help you clearly describe the issue, and provide you with support throughout the process. They will try to restart the conversation between you and the chiropractor and guide the mediation process between both parties. The complaints officer is an independent, neutral, and impartial mediator who has the best interests of both parties in mind. The ultimate goal of complaint mediation is to reach a satisfactory solution for both the complainant and defendant. If you are still unable to come to a resolution, the complaints officer can advise you on possible next steps.


Dispute resolution

If you are unable to find a solution with your chiropractor or the Complaints Officer, then there may be a dispute. In such a case, you can seek a dispute settlement through the Stichting Chiropractie Nederland (SCN). All members of the NCA are registered in the quality register of the SCN. The complaints officer can provide you with details about this process. Please note that you cannot directly submit a complaint to the Disputes Committee without first completing the first three steps. It is important to try and resolve the issue through effective communication.

All SCN registered chiropractors are affiliated with the dispute committee of Stichting Zorggeschil. This committee has different powers, makes a binding decision and can handle and award compensation claims. Feel free to request information from the NCA’s complaints officer. Visit at or send an e-mail to

Stichting Zorggeschil/Postbus 1021/7940 KA MEPPEL/Tel. 0561-618711 (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Click here for an Infographic.


Ordinary Court

If a patient is also not satisfied with this ruling, he/she can go to the ordinary court within two months after the ruling of the disputes committee.



If the mediation of your complaint does not provide a satisfactory outcome, and you have suffered damages or want to make a claim directly, please inform your practitioner. However, it’s important to note that determining liability can be a complicated and lengthy process after filing a claim with the insurer. Therefore, you should submit your claim in writing to your own practitioner.


Health care inspection

The Care Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz) in article 1, paragraph 1 under a states that calamities must be reported immediately to IGZ. A calamity is defined by IGZ as “an unintended or unexpected event, related to the quality of care, that resulted in the death of or a serious adverse effect on a client.

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