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Insight into our "tribe" of practice members.


Our practice members are people who want to invest in their health. Whether it is a small change to live even healthier, or a complete health revision as their goal. Our practice members also understand the need for a well-functioning nervous system, which is a fundamental part of a healthy body. And let's be honest: everyone has something they have to do or something they love to do. Whether it's recreational running or serious cycling. Extreme cognitive work as a CEO or letting your creative juices flow as an artist. A stay-at-home-mom or a police officer patrolling our streets. Regardless of what you do, Chiropractic can help you do it just a bit better. From young to old, from individual to extended family, everyone can become a practical member. And together, one healthy person at a time, we are building towards a healthier community. And that, starts at birth...


We are often asked whether it is good to have babies checked. We think so. A first Neuro-Functional Shift often takes place during birth. Even during a natural and "easy" birth there is a chance of too much pressure on the baby's head and neck. This can result in a Neuro-Functional Shift, which can develop into secondary disorders such as colic, problems with breastfeeding/latching, a head tilt, constipation, a crying or irritable baby, ear infections, reflux and a weakened immune system. For this reason, we encourage new parents to have the spine of their newborn baby checked for the presence of any shifts.

Pregnant moms

It is possible that Neuro-Functional shifts in the pelvis negatively influence pregnancy and the birth process. This causes the pregnant mom to experience symptoms, the baby's position could potentially become compromised, and the birthing process could also be negatively affected. Shifts in the lumbar spine or pelvis may even cause a torsion of the uterus. This prevents the baby from moving freely, and hinders the baby's ability to position him- or herself ideally before giving birth, making for difficult labor. A correct position of the pelvis contributes to correct positioning of the baby and the optimal preparation of the body for childbirth.

In addition, you must take into account that you and your unborn baby are connected through your nervous system. Your nervous system controls and coordinates everything in your body, and with it the development of your unborn baby. When a Neuro-Functional shift is present in yourself, the effectiveness and efficiency of your nervous system can be compromised. This in turn could affect the development of your baby. With very gentle and specific chiropractic treatments we often help with many pregnancy related problems.

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