UMOYA Chiropractic in Maastricht: Supporting your healthy lifestyle

What does UMOYA Chiropractic stand for?

At UMOYA Chiropractic, located in Maastricht, our focus is on what is important: your health and the health of your family. We dream of a world in which individuals, families and communities flourish, free from health problems. A world in which people cherish their health and continuously work towards a healthy lifestyle.

UMOYA” comes from the Zulu, one of the tribal languages in South Africa. It means “spirit” or “soul”. It is the essence of everything that lives – the driving force of our bodies. Our goal at UMOYA Chiropractic is to keep that driving force in our practice members active, by working together on specific health goals. By providing gentle and specific chiropractic care, in order to promote proper integration between the spine and the nervous system, our focus is not on the removal of symptoms, but on the return to health. That is an important distinction for us. That is our UMOYA!

Who is UMOYA Chiropractic for?

From young to old, from individual to the whole family. Anyone who wants to work on their health is welcome in our tribe. We take care of newborn babies, their moms and dads, pregnant women, children, athletes, grandmothers and grandfathers, yogis and weekend warriors, and anyone else who wants to improve and maintain their health. Everyone has something they have to dowant to do, or love to do, however we only have one body and it affects all these things we do. Our practice members realise that looking after their bodies on an on going basis, helps them to lead a happy, active and healthier life.

Can we help you?

Read here about how our approach is different and what type of secondary conditions can occur due to loss of integration between the spine and nervous system. Or do you just want to meet our Chiropractor? Click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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