What is Neuro-Functional Integration?

Neuro-Functional Integration, your adaptive potential and your health.


At UMOYA Chiropractic we focus on a unique approach known as Neuro-Functional Integration. It is focused on the functioning between the nervous system (brain and spinal cord), the skull, the spine and its connective tissues (muscles, ligaments, dura, etc.). This integration between the two systems relates to an individual's ability to adapt to changes around them. One's adaptive potential is vitally important when it comes to our health.

To better understand this, think of a guitar string. A guitar string is directly attached to the top and bottom of a guitar and the tension of the string can only be adjusted from these two ends. The same principle applies to the spinal cord, which is attached mainly directly to the top and bottom of the spinal column. The amount of tension on the spinal cord can thus be influenced by the mobility and/or position of the neck (top) and the pelvis (bottom).

An incorrect amount of tension on the strings of a guitar will give a false or unwanted tone - so called "out of tune". If there is an abnormal tension on the spinal cord and/or its nerves, this disrupts their ability to function normally, possibly leading to many possible Secondary Conditions.

The purpose of therefore is to identify and improve the underlying cause of an abnormal change in this integration between the nervous system and bone structure (skull and spine), also called a Neuro-Functional Shift. A Neuro-Functional Shift can have negative consequences for your health, as it has the potential to impede the optimal functioning of your nervous system.

The objective of our care and guidance at UMOYA Chiropractic is to identify and address these shifts. This allows your nervous system to better control your body, allowing your body to properly adapt to its environment - an important characteristic of health.

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