What is a Neuro-Functional Shift?

A shift from optimal health.


A Neuro-Functional Shift is departure from the normal working relationship between the nervous system and its protective encasing (the skull and the spine). This is often accompanied by a displacement of the structure of the spine and/or the surrounding muscles and ligaments. A Neuro-Functional Shift occurs primarily at the very top (skull and neck) and very bottom (pelvis) of the spine. These locations are where the spinal cord and spinal bones have direct attachment to each other. Since the spine functions as a whole, changes at the two extremes of the spine often also then results in changes anywhere along the spine.

The significance of this shift is that the brain, spinal cord and nerves are responsible for regulating every function of the body. Therefore, a Neuro-Functional Shift can potentially adversely affect the overall function of the body which may contribute to the underlying cause of a number of health issues and secondary conditions.

In the absence of a Neuro-Functional Shift, the structural alignment of the spine, the movement of the spinal structures, as well as the tension along the spine and spinal cord is considered to be normal. Should a greater amount of stiffness or tension develop in one part of the spine (for example though an accident, poor posture, or inappropriate movement), the resulting displacement leads to a breakdown of communication within the nervous system. As a result, many people experience secondary conditions or symptoms as a result of this shift. Doesn't it then make sense to address this departure from normal function, instead of the symptoms originating from it?

For more information about Neuro-Functional Chiropractic and whether it may be affecting your health, you are welcome to contact us or schedule a complimentary consultation.

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