An investment in your health.

At UMOYA Chiropractic we take your health and the care we provide very seriously, and thus want to present you with the most appropriate care plan. We do this firstly by collecting pertinent health information during your intake and Neuro-Functional examination process. After collecting this information, we then have to analyse it in order to set up your recommendations, in order to finally present it to you. Since quite a bit of time is involved in this process, the intake together with the examination takes place on one visit, and the discussion of your findings on a separate day.

The total cost involved in this process (the intake, examination plus the report of our findings) amounts to €95.00. Subsequently, visits for Chiropractic adjustments are €55.00 per visit. Should you be interested, we also have special Family rates – Simply ask us for more information.

It might also be good to know that there is no mandatory deductible for chiropractic and that you do not need a referral from your doctor. We also meet the requirements of, and are registered with, the Dutch Chiropractors Association (NCA) and the Chiropractic Registration Board for the Netherlands (SCN).

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